High Life Health Are You a Sexsomniac? Here's All You Need To Know About It

Are You a Sexsomniac? Here’s All You Need To Know About It

Rest is important no matter what you do. And the best way to take rest is your sleep. It is the best time for relaxation, peace, and rejuvenation, or sex! If you are wondering that how can a person engage in sex when asleep? Here is an answer! A person can. Yes, you read it right! Having sex while sleeping is not a myth; it is a real condition and is termed as sexsomnia. People who engage in sleep sex or experience arousal during this time are usually not aware of it.

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This condition varies from person to person. Some experiences groping, masturbation and sex with their partner. The extreme aspects of this condition lead to a person get violent and dangerous and can also be charged with sexual assault and abuse. Sexsomnia can be genetic and even gender-biased. Its effects include – Anger, Confusion, Fear, Guilt, Repulsion, Shame.

In case if you are also facing these above-mentioned conditions, it’s high time to visit a sexologist. However, you should encourage communication with your partner. As communication is the key to cure almost every problem in the world. Just share the effects you are experiencing with your partner. This will help you to fight back. Also, you should note down what’s encouraging sexsomnia in you like alcohol, stress, sleep-deprivation etc. Though it may sound funny and horny to some people sexsomnia is one condition you need to be taken care of without giving a second thought to what others think!


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