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Shah Rukh Khan Breaks Down With The Number of Flops, Not Signing New Films




According to Shah Rukh Khan, film Zero’s critical and commercial failure has influenced him deeply. Due to this, he is unable to gather the courage to sign new films. He says that this time before signing a new film he will take some time. He won’t repeat his previous mistakes of signing a film by deciding within 2-3 months.

Actually, Shah Rukh Khan attended the screening of Zero in Beijing, China. Here he talked about the film’s failure and about signing his next projects. He continued to say that, this time he will take some time to sign a film and within this period he will spend quality time with his family, will watch films and will read books.

His older children Aryan and Suhana are about to end their college and he wants to give his time to them so that he can guide them to make good career choices for the future. He added,

“I had said somewhere that I can start the next project in June but I will not be able to do that. I will only do a film now when it comes from my heart that I should do it. I will act only when my heart allows me. I have heard 15-20 scripts and liked 2-3 but yet not decided that I will do which of them.”