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Meet Shah Rukh Khan’s Mentally-ill Sister and Know What Exactly Happened to Her

Shah Rukh Khan, the successful and the richest Bollywood actor who debuted in Bollywood with film Deewana in 1992. He is the biggest name in the Bollywood today and also known as Baadshah or King Khan. He has a big line of fan following. People love their favorite star but do you know that somewhere in the making of the biggest star of the industry he lost some special people of his life to reach the zenith of his success.

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Shah Rukh Khan, the Delhi boy lost his parents at a very young age. Ever since then, SRK’s life revolves around a very few important people – who are his wife Gauri, his kids and his only sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan. You may know about the love story of Shah Rukh Khan with wife Gauri Khan but people rarely know about his sister Shehnaz Lalarukh. She is an elder sister of Shah Rukh and still unmarried. Not because she didn’t want to marry but because she is mentally ill. Yes, you heard it right! Mentally ill.

Here mentally ill doesn’t mean she is mental but disturbed. Shehnaz is 6 years elder than Shah Rukh Khan and lives with him and his family. Once in an interview, Shah Rukh Khan described his sister as sweet and naive but also said she behaves quite spoilt sometimes. His exact words are,

“I see distinct traits of my father and mother in Shehnaz. She has her fits of anger. So I keep telling her, ‘You are just like mummy’. My sister was an outgoing person earlier, but she has become very quiet and reticent after our parents’ demise.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s mother Lateef Fatima, sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan and father Taj Mohammed Khan

According to the sources, Shehnaz went into depression when she saw the dead body of his mother. Since then, she is ill, ill mentally as she missed her parents very much because she lost them at a very young age. However, Shah Rukh Khan has always been very close to his elder sister and loves her very much.

Shehnaz has recovered much now but she maintained a very low profile as compared to his brother. She prefers to live a life like a common person. God bless her!


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