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This is All Shah Rukh Khan Wants For His Kids After His Death

The second richest actor in the world, Shah Rukh Khan has some after death plans for his children and guess what! Money is not the part of his plans. Earlier, the richest man in the world, Bill Gates has also announced something like that when he said that he won’t be leaving any money for his kids, rather he will be giving all of his wealth to charity. He meant by that, he will keep a little money for them so that they don’t become poor. But, he has plans to make his children build a career by their own and live on their own.

Following his footsteps, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that he believes in earning and spending and he does not wish to leave an inheritance for his children. Shah Rukh Khan’s exact words he uttered in an interview regarding this was,

 We are very lower-middle class people. Our wants and desire are not so many. Gauri and I believe in the theory that if you have money, spend it on having a good life. I’ve never saved any money. What I earn, it all goes into filmmaking and immediate expenditures.

Shah Rukh Khan said that he wants that his children become independent by their own. He wants them to become a self-made person and only by doing so they will understand the essential keys of life i.e hard work and passion. Talking about himself he said, he didn’t have his own place to live when he came to Mumbai and therefore, he will leave his children a house. Also, we all know that SRK has always asked his kids to get the best education because he feels that it will help them to have a great future. He stated,

Because I never had a house before coming to Mumbai I wish to leave a house for them and of course provide them with amazing basic education.They live a basic life (rich, but basic) on their own will. We provide them with every requirement but we don’t have money saved for a rainy day for them to live-off.

If Shah Rukh Khan really meant what he said then it is very commendable of him. We really appreciate his thoughts as a celebrity and more as a person.


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