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Entertainment Shahid Kapoor Demands Rs 40 Crore For His Next Film After Kabir...

Shahid Kapoor Demands Rs 40 Crore For His Next Film After Kabir Singh’s Success

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Film Kabir Singh’s success made Shahid Kapoor a superstar now. He is basking with the success of his film and is so happy that he hiked his fees. he is now demanding Rs 40 crore for doing a film. Earlier the reports were he increased it upto Rs 30-35 crore. Previously he used to charge Rs 10-15 crore.

Recently he was approached for another Telugu film remake Jersey. For this film, Shahid Kapoor demanded Rs 40 crore. Jersey is a story of a cricketer who struggles for his comeback in the national team. It is an emotional story. In Telugu, the film got a very good response also it got appreciated by film critics. If makers consent Shahid Kapoor’s demand then it will be Shahid’s second Telugu film remake.

Kabir Singh was one of the highest-grossing top 5 films of the year. It released on June 21. The film has earned Rs. 270 crores in a month. However, Shahid’s violent character in the film has also received a lot of criticism.

Despite this, the film proved to be a hit. The film uplifted Shahid and Kiara’s career. This has increased Shahid’s brand value significantly. Now he is getting many big offers. Seeing this, he has increased his fees to 40 crores.

Shahid didn’t have any good film in hand after Kabir Singh. But after the film got released and became a hit he made his way. He had said during the promotion of this film – “Apart from this film, I do not have any other film offer. Having no film is troubling me a lot. I do not know what will happen next.” Kabir Singh proved to be a milestone for him.

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