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See How Shahrukh Khan Comments On Salman Khan VS Aamir Khan




The askSRK session has really created a lot of buzz on Twitter and is eventually going very successful.

Many fans like this Fan actor his wits and surprising replies on Twitter. As Shahrukh Khan is already a big name in the industry, it was obvious that the public would love to see him in a number of controversies just like “Salman Khan’s rape comment” one. But this time the question

But this time, the question which a Twiterati asked the King Khan was really very difficult for him to answer but that Twitterati really forgot that who is the person he was dealing with. The question which that Twitterati asked King Khan was which one is his favourite actor amongst Salman Khan and Aamir Khan.

And This Is How Shahrukh Khan Replied On Salman Khan Vs Aamir Khan:

Salman Khan vs Aamir Khan

Source: Ndtvimg

As Shahrukh Khan is really very witty, he didn’t directly replied to his question and instead played with words. This is what the fan wrote, “Don’t ask dodgy questions.”

Although, his reply left many Twitteraties disappointed and no result on Salman Khan vs Aamir Khan but it was really fun to see that how Shahrukh Khan transformed even such a tricky question into a funny one.

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