Kartik Aaryan Signs Three Film With Eros Worth Rs 75 Crores

Top banner Eros has locked Pyar Ka Punchnama actor Kartik Aaryan for three films, paying Rs 25 crore for each.
Trending Shahrukh Khan Slams Madar Behen Users On Social Media

Shahrukh Khan Slams Madar Behen Users On Social Media

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Veteran actor Shahrukh Khan Slams “Madar Behen” Users on Social Media taking a stand against online trolling in his recent tweet on twitter. Shahrukh Khan asked his fans to refrain or to stop abusing and deriding other films and actors which was triggered by the usual fan-war between his and Salman Khan’s fans.


Shahrukh Khan posted on twitter…

Calling the users of abusive language as “Idiots” the actor further tweeted..

Earlier, Salman Khan too had warned his fans and followers regarding twitter fights and even threatened to quit the social media website. The actors have finally buried their past differences and now so should their fans!

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