Taapsee Pannu calls Anurag Kashyap ‘biggest feminist’

After Payal Ghosh, put allegations on filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for being sexually inappropriate towards her. Taapsee Pannu came in support of him.
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Shahrukh’s Head On Take On Being Called Pakistani Agent

“Nobody has more right to live in this country than me, and I am not going to leave. So shut up”, says Shah Rukh Khan.

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Right after his glorious 50th birthday Shahrukh Khan was accused of sedition and called a “Pakistani Agent” by Sadhvi Prachi. He was also asked whether he would return his National awards as retalliation, Shahrukh however, in a twitter post said that he is open to the idea of returning his awards as a symbolic gesture against the growing intolerance in India.


“Yes, as a symbolic gesture I would give it up,” the actor said, referring to the spate of other film personalities, artists, writers, scientists and others who have returned awards as a measure of protest in recent months. “I do think there is intolerance. There is extreme intolerance,” the actor was heard saying.


Also, when the superstar and the most beloved celebrity of India was asked about his identity as a Muslim in India he said,  “No one can question my patriotism. How dare anyone?” adding that the biggest mistake a patriot could make was to go against secularism bringing the importance of secular Fabric in Indian Constitution alive.

He also added how religion has nothing to do with anybody’s eating habits. “In my house, everyone is free to follow their religion. My kids were confused about whether they were Muslim or Hindu, I said ‘why not Christian?’ Quoted Shahrukh Khan.


Some people may have grown Intolerant towards various other communities in India but we can say this without any element of doubt that every Indian Loves Shahrukh Khan for the star that he is and the Indian he was born as.

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