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Due to Bad Behaviour This Bollywood Actor Was Thrown Out of The School Thrice

The 66 years old Shakti Kapoor is the famous Bollywood comedian and villain. He was born on September 3, 1952. He has been one of the most controversial Bollywood actors. His real name is Sunil Sikandar kapoor. His name was changed by actor Sunil Dutt in 1981 during the making of film Rocky.

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Shakti Kapoor’s father was a tailor in Delhi and mother was a homemaker. He once said in an interview that his family had suffered financial crisis during his childhood days. He has 3 other siblings. He was an alcoholic too, this made his daughter Shraddha Kapoor annoy that she once stopped talking to him. After then, Shakti tried to lessen his consumption of alcohol.

Did you know he was thrown out of the school thrice?

In 2003, during an interview, Shakti Kapoor said that, “I was never interested in books. I always got third division in the exams. Due to my bad behavior, three schools – Holy Child, Frank Anthony Public School and Salwan Public school cut my name. I always wanted to live life on my own terms and that’s why I was considered rebellious.”

He played the main hero in just 1 film and it was a flop!

‘Zakhmi Insaan’ is the only film of Shakti Kapoor in which he played the main lead as a hero. And the irony is, it was a biggest flop. This was the reason he always did comic and villain-centric roles in the films.

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