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Entertainment Shaktimaan's Sequel Soon To Hit Onscreen: Fans Excited

Shaktimaan’s Sequel Soon To Hit Onscreen: Fans Excited

There will be very few people who would not be knowing about the most talked-about program of the 90s, “Shaktimaan”. A man who was considered as India’s first Superhero. Although Shaktimaan does not appear on TV today, still he is very much preferred on online platforms. Now there is good news for the fans of Shaktimaan because the sequel of Shaktimaan is also coming soon.

Reports say that the sequel of Shaktimaan will come soon and the shooting on the sequel may also start after the lockdown of Coronavirus gets over. Actor Mukesh Khanna, who played Gangadhar and Shaktimaan in the serial, has informed about its sequel. He told Bombay Times that work is being done to bring Shaktimaan’s sequel soon.

Mukesh Khanna told the website that work has been going on for the past several days. Telling about the sequel he said. The second part of Shaktimaan will be according to today’s time but it will contain the same moral teachings of our society which were present in the previous show. Mukesh Khanna said, ‘We are making a sequel because people want to know what happened next? I think we will be able to start work as soon as the corona crisis ends.

Let us tell you that after the lockdown caused by Coronavirus, programs on Doordarshan like, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Circus are being broadcast back. Meanwhile, the demand for re-airing of programs like Shaktimaan, Vyomkesh Bakshi is also raised. Perhaps if the sequel of Shaktimaan comes, then people will be very exciting for them.

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