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Shamsuddin: Know About The Scariest ghost of Hindi Horror Films!

Many actors played ghosts in Hindi horror cinema. But no artist has shown so much realist in the role of a ghost as this. Whether it was the role of a demon, the role of a ghost, or whether it was the role of a scary-looking goon-crook, he was the first choice of the directors.

His full name was Shamsuddin Sheikh Maniyar. There is no information available about his birth and early life. Their length was 7 feet. Due to this monstrous length and dangerous-looking face-piece, he used to appear in action films in the eighties and nineties. His career started with the film Qatilon ka Qatil released in 1981.

Reecha Qatilon ka Qatil

In this film, he was seen in the role of Reecha. The character of Reecha was so terrifying that people used to get scared after seeing them at that time. Reecha was half human and half animal. Reecha had become a memorable character.

Shamsuddin was the most dangerous-looking ghost in horror films made in India. If anyone was the first choice of the directors for the ghost role of the horror film, then he was only and only Shamsuddin. In this way, he worked in many ghost films. But the most famous among them were the Tekhana, Dak Bangla, Veerana, shaitani ilaaka, and Khooni Mahal.

Veerana Ghost

He was the favorite actor of Ramsay Brothers. In this picture, only Shamsuddin is seen sitting with Ramsay Brothers. He worked in several films with Ramsay Brothers. And not only ghostly films, he also played the role of goon in many films.

The list of his films is very long. In films such as Desh Premi, Karishma Kudrat Ka, Tridev, Hatimatai, Suryavanshi and Ishq, Shamsuddin has awe of people with his great personality.

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