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Man Sentenced For 5 Years in Jail After Teen Sex Assault in Bushes

A man who was an accused of assaulting a teen in bushes has been sentenced to jail for 5 years. The case is 8 years old. Convict’s name Shane John Anderton attacked a 15-year-old girl while she was waiting for a bus at Fremantle train station in June 2010. Actually, he first approached her and started talking to her and when he got the idea that the girl is a smoker he convinced her by saying that he knew where to get cigarettes. He then along with board a public transport to an inner-city apartment where the girl who was already intoxicated was given more alcohol and cannabis.

After getting some consciousness when she realized that she got trapped, she walked outside towards some bushes and Anderton followed. Anderton took hold of the victim’s arm and she ended up on the ground, where he raped her. The victim informed the police about her rape on the next day.

However, the culprit Anderton was not charged until 2016 due to the lack of evidence. But finally, a DNA evidence, taken at the time of review of the case, linked Anderton to the crime. He was found guilty after a District Court trial of one count of sexual penetration without consent in circumstances and now sentenced to 5 years of jail.

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