Sharjah Dressing Room Scandal: When Kapil Dev Kicked Out Dawood Ibrahim From His Dressing Room


Kapil Dev was born on 6 January 1959 in a Jaat family of Haryana and has always been famous for his typical style. On the foreign tours, when the rest of Team India players loved to drink cold drinks, so even at that time Kapil Dev used to ask for milk for himself. Players who have played with Kapil Dev even today, narrates a story about a dispute he had with Dawood Ibrahim.

Dawood Ibrahim’s offer for Kapil Dev and other players

This is the story of the year 1986-87. Dawood Ibrahim was not the most wanted terrorist at that time. There was to be a match between India and Pakistan in Sharjah. Dawood was also present in Sharjah. One day before the match, Team India was in practice session. After finishing this session, when Team India returned to its dressing room, with famous actor and comedian Mahmood, Dawood took entry in the dressing room of the Indian players.

Mahmood introduced Dawood as a businessman to the players. That’s why Dawood told the Indian players that if India defeated Pakistan in tomorrow’s match, so he will give a Toyota Corolla gift to every player. After Dawood’s strong offer, all the players of Team India started looking at each other.Kapil Dev was not present there at that time. He was holding a press conference.

When Kapil returned to the dressing room after finishing the press conference, he did not like seeing Mahmood sir and an unknown man in the midst of the players. Kapil Dev with great respect asked Mahmood Saheb to leave the dressing room at the moment. Then looking at Dawood Ibrahim, Kapil said, ‘Who is this? Hey, walk outside. ‘Seeing this attitude of Kapil, Dawood quietly came out of the dressing room of Team India.

Actually, at that time neither Dawood was not famous as a terrorist or a criminal, Nor did he have any specific discussion in the media. Kapil Dev did not recognize Dawood and neither did any other player other than Dilip Vengsarkar recognize Dawood.

Then this story became known as Sharjah Dressing Room Scandal. Ravi Shastri once said that after the scandal when Kapil Paaji came to know that Dawood is an Indian businessman, he expressed regret over the incident.

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