John Abraham Unveils New Poster For Satyameva Jayate 2

Holding a plow in his hand with a strong nationalistic spirit actor John Abraham shared a poster of his upcoming film Satyameva...
Infotainment She got possessed by an evil spirit on the right time

She got possessed by an evil spirit on the right time

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A beautiful girl was simply walking through the Punjabi Bagh area of, New Delhi.  She realized that the two men stalking her from past five minutes were still behind. Now she smelled something fishy. There and then one of them caught her wrist. Any girl in such a situation would panic, either would shout out for help or try to fight back. But here is how she tackled these goons with this new style amazing everyone.


It is always the mind, what we think out of it we do it. So here’s what this brave and smart, for sure did, she acted as she’s been possessed by an evil spirit. Started laughing like mad, one after another changed her voice and on the flip side started harassing the boys. She acted as if she was a ghost, speaking in a paranormal way, she would laugh hard at times, and the next moment just stare at the men’s faces.

At last, one of them got frightens and ran on his toes as a jack ass!!!!!!! Now what, wait the other one still had guts. Now she has to play even smarter. Thanks to her memory, it flicked “I have got loose hair”; she hadn’t tied when she left home so now what exactly? Now in this situation, she really didn’t know what to do anymore. Without thinking, she scratched the guy’s hand so that it would bleed and began to rub his blood on her face while laughing as loud and evil as she could… Soon her face was filled with the blood of the boy.


Opppssssss!!!!!!! Now was the time the other goon also lost his conscience and then ran that another jackass, mission accomplished.

This is a story of a seventeen year girl who has concealed her identity. Many people appreciated the girl for her presence of mind, while some also thought that it was a fake story.


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