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High Life She Likes You Or Not? These Body Language Signs Will Reveal The...

She Likes You Or Not? These Body Language Signs Will Reveal The Answer!

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Hello guys!  so you want to know whether your crush is into you or not? So here’s the answer. There are many signs of a body language through which you can know that a woman is interested in you or not. So, here’s the list of some of these signs.

1)Sleeve Raising

Most people dont notice the wrist of others while communicating. But one of the signs that she likes is hidden there. This is psychological fact that if she likes you she will pull the sleeves of her dress and show her wrist. It means that she is trying to show that she is soft. It can also mean that she is hot.


10 times blinking in a minute is quite normal. But when she is blinking more than this it means that she is interested. Research says that when we see someone we like we start blinking more. So, always try to look into her eyes when she is talking to you.


There is a scientific fact that when we see our loved ones, the pupil of our eyes become large. So always try to notice her pupil. But, remember that there can be lenses that she has applied. So, take care of this thing that it should be genuine and real.

4)Genuine Smile

Yeah! it’s quite difficult to detect a genuine smile and a fake. But remember it’s not impossible. There are two muscles of the face that are used in our smiles i.e. part near eyes and lips. if she is using the both then it’s fake smile. Because in a genuine smile only one of them is used.


Well, it is one of the most important signs. Look at her gestures when she is talking to you. If she is making the same gestures or copy you it means that she is attracted to you. So, try to notice that.


The woman only blushes when they are in front of their loved ones or talking with him. This is the law of nature and considered and a sign of relationship. So, not her cheeks.

7)Foot Position

Research proved that when we like something our foot position moves towards that person. It can be noticed when you are in a group conversation or her foot position or toes are turned towards you.


If she maintains the eye contact when you gaze it means that she is interested in you but if she is continually turning her face it means that she is not into you. But it can also mean that she is shy.

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