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High Life PERIOD PANIC! She Was On Her Periods But Her Little Sister Thought...

PERIOD PANIC! She Was On Her Periods But Her Little Sister Thought She Was Dying!

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Tackling womanhood and younger siblings together is a really tough game! Younger siblings have that annoying habit of following their elder brother or sister. Imitating them is their all time favourite sport.

Rain a 3-year-old toddler from Alaska was too following her 16-year-old sister Meeiah Tolentinoold when she discovered her sister was about to die (this was what she thought).

A few days ago, Meeiah had her periods and went to the bathroom. Being in a rush to reach the bathroom, she forgot to bolt her bathroom door. Rain, being an innocent little girl, fell victim to her habit of following her sister everywhere. She got a shocking lesson in womanhood. She never got the fact that it was nature’s ‘gift’ to a woman and started crying thinking her sister is going to die!


Meeiah said Rain was only in there with her for a few seconds before her cousin pulled her out but the thought of losing her sister made her cry too hard!

I went in my room and saw her bawling. She was yelling, ‘You need to go to the doctor,’ and ‘You’re going to die because you’re bleeding!’

Meeiah captured her reaction on video to show her family, but then gave her sister a hug and assured her she was OK.

“I even let her pretend to be a doctor and fix me up,” she said. “Two minutes after the video she totally forgot what of happened and went [back] to her normal, happy, self.”

Posting it on twitter, not only brought her 70,000 retweets but even gave a platform to many others to share their hilarious experiences!

funny baby reaction periods
Source: Twitter

funny baby reaction periods
Source: Twitter

The little girl Rain seems to be reaching many places and hearts through this little video of hers.

Some of them are actually agreeing to my sister’s reaction when they’re on their period.

added that her family has also been shocked by the reaction to the video.

My parents are very surprised that she’s all over the place … But they thought it was funny, and now they’re treating my little sister like she’s a superstar,” she said. “It’s just surprising to everyone that the video went viral.

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