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Trending Shefali Shah Shares Creepy Video By Tying Her Mouth To 'POLYETHENE'

Shefali Shah Shares Creepy Video By Tying Her Mouth To ‘POLYETHENE’

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a 21-day lockdown to prevent the rapidly growing effects of the coronavirus. But even after this, there are many people who are still getting out of the house. Also, they are not understanding the severity of coronavirus.

In such a situation, for the past several days, the stars have been trying to spread awareness through their social media. Meanwhile, actress Shefali Shah has come up with a new effort.

She has tried to put the dreadful truth of the coronavirus in front of everyone by tying Polyethene on her mouth. Let us know that this video is going viral very fast. It is also important to see it during this time. Especially those unaware of the havoc of Corona. Watch Shefali’s VIDEO here-


Through this video, Shefali has made an effort to make people aware by a separate method from all the other stars. Even after the lockdown, there are still many people who are moving out of the house. Regarding which many instructions are being given by the government. We all need to fight this together, not to being panic. Let’s stay inside, stay safe.

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