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Entertainment Shehnaz Gill Acting Innocent While Her Previous Controversy Portrays The Opposite.

Shehnaz Gill Acting Innocent While Her Previous Controversy Portrays The Opposite.

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Yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode winded up with the tears of Punjabi film industry’s model and actress Shehnaz Gill. It is because she couldn’t perform her duty of ‘Rationing‘ well and every one raised a question on the responsibility given to her. She was seen crying like an innocent kid and felt like leaving the duty. It is to be known that Shehnaz is the same girl who became famous after the popular Punjabi Song ‘Majhe Di Jatti‘ by Kanwar Chahal. She recently debuted in the film ‘Kala Shah Kala’.

Shehnaz Gill In The Song Majhe Di Jatti

Shehnaz Being Portrayed As An Innocent Kid.

Everyone in the Bigg Boss house supported the fact that Shehnaz is a kid from heart and termed her ‘Bholi‘ which is a synonym to the one who is innocent and naive. But the house mates made sure to make her realise her duty. Now, Shehnaz crying alone and not retaliating in a fiercy manner raised eyebrows of many. It is because she has been very vocal about her thoughts since always. It was clearly seen during her fight with a popular Punjabi actress Himanshi Khurana.

Shehnaz Crying In The Latest Episode Of Bigg Boss

What Was The Actual Controversy?

Shehnaz was seen making fun of Himanshi Khurana in a video posted by her on Snapchat. She targeted Himanshi and her song ‘I like it’. It didn’t end here. She made sure to scream ‘Flop Flop’ referring to Himanshi in her video and made fun of her. The video portrayed Shehnaz as a spoilt brat who respects none. She seemed like a bully kid who loves to mock others.

Shehnaz Gill Insulting Himanshi Khurana
Poster Of Himanshi Khurana’s Song I Like It

Who Is The Real Shehnaz Then?

Now it is a big confusion that who is the real Shehnaz? What is the true personality of Shehnaz? Is Shehnaz hiding her true colours is a thought which is giving headache to many! These questions are so obvious because before entering into the Bigg Boss house, the world had seen a fiercy lady who dragged her opponent into the limelight and then took the revenge. But in the house, when everyone kind of ganged her up, she couldn’t give a strong reply and cried instead.

Video Of Shehnaz Crying Like A Kid

Is Shehnaz playing the card of ‘An Innocent Unaware Kid’ or not? The answer to this question is yet not known. Maybe she is the one who speaks only if she wishes to and maybe she is a real kid from heart. Maybe she spoke harsh against Himanshi Khurana because something might have triggered her which never came in the media. Or maybe what she is doing in Bigg Boss is just the acting! It is all a confusion, a big confusion indeed. Let some more episodes of Bigg Boss unfold the real Shehnaz Gill.

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