Shekhar Suman On CBI Probe: If Rhea Is Innocent, Let Them Prove It

Shekhar Suman praising the investigating team said that hopefully, Sushant’s family will get closure soon and If Rhea Is Innocent, Let CBI prove it.

Rhea Chakraborty is a prime suspect in Sushant Singh Rajput’s case. And since from the day the case got handed over to CBI. Several theories related to the death case are coming out every single day. So far Rhea has been interrogated so many times along with the key members who have been accused in the case. According to the latest updates, Her parents – Indrajit and Sandhya Chakraborty have been summoned by the investigating agency for questioning.

Meanwhile, Shekhar Suman who was in support of CBI since from the beginning. Gave a statement and said that he is quite happy with the work, the agency is doing now. Although the probe started 70 days later, still he expects that soon something will definitely come out. Keeping his point of view about Rhea. He said that the CBI has now got its hand on the case and if Rhea is innocent CBI will investigate and prove it.

Further talking about CBI Shekhar said that, although the agency is doing its work, on the other hand, it’s quite an uphill task for them too. As they have to examine everything from the locksmith to all the other characters who popped up later. He also raised a question that what Mumbai police was doing and where were these characters before. Appreciating the CBI Suman said that they’re doing a fairly good job. 

Let us inform you that Shekhar Suman believed that Sushant did not end his life, but was murdered. Perhaps what really needs to be focused upon are “Only two things. Firstly if it’s a suicide, what compelled him to do that, and if he was murdered who did it? or who are the people behind it?

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