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Even After 15 Years of Marriage This Actress is Childless, Now Cries Her Heart Out For Not Getting Pregnant

TV actress Shilpa Saklani who was also the Bigg Boss 7 contestant has revealed something that can melt your heart. It’s been 15 years when she got married to actor Apurva Agnihotri. Recently she has told that she was not medically fit for the pregnancy that’s why she failed to conceive.

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According to gynecologists, some couples even after wanting can’t plan babies. Reasons behind this, are various. Some of the reasons are:

Stress and depression

This increases the prolactin hormone that produces difficulty in conceiving. The imbalance of hormones also leads to hurdles in getting pregnant.

Lack of egg formation in the ovary

Sometimes, in some women, there are some disturbances that come in between the formation of an egg. This reduces fertilization.

Thyroid or any other disease

In women, due to urine infection and due to TB in the uterus, the fallopian tube damages. In women, thyroid, PCOS, etc hormonal problems lead to periods disturbance. This affects egg production.

The weakness of the sperm

Getting not pregnant is not something depends only on women. Men are also responsible for this sometimes. The weakness of sperm and less sperm count are one of the reasons for not conceiving a child.


Fat is also the reason for not getting pregnant. The excessive fat in the ovary leads to difficulty in pregnancy.

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