Not Only Romit Raj, Shilpa Shinde Has Also Dated These Two Celebs, Number 3 is a Shocker!


Shilpa Shinde is the ultimate winner of Bigg Boss 11. During her arrival to Bigg Boss and with her presence in the show she sparked many controversies. One of them was her affair with actor Romit Raj. Romit also reacted on Shilpa & Vikas’ ongoing fist in the show. He supported Shilpa in front of his wife Tina Kakkar on the red carpet of ITA 2017. He said that when his name was taken in the show by Vikas, during one of his fights with Shilpa, he watched the episode. Romit went on and appreciated that Shilpa didn’t utter a single word when her EX’s name was taken in front of the other contestants.

Shilpa Shinde

As most of us know that Shilpa was in a long relationship with Romit Raj and they were about to marry. But unfortunately, they called off their marriage just a few days before! But did you know Romit is not only the whom she dated? According to the reports, before Romit Shilpa dated TV actor Rahil Azam.

You better know Rahil as Hatim. Shilpa and Rahil Azammet first time on TV serial set Bhabhi ( 2002-2008). They were co-stars, initially, they used to fight with each other but gradually they started liking each other. But their relationship lasted for 1 year only. It said that they mutually broke up.

Shilpa Shinde and Rahil Azam

The third person whom Shilpa dated could be a shocker to you! According to TV actress and anchor Gehna Vashisht, Shilpa and Vikas Gupta were once in a relationship. They both dated while doing the show Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai in 2015. However, it was a hidden affair.

“Vikas and Shilpa were quite close, there was a time when they were in a physical relationship. Shilpa also accused Vikas of throwing her out of the show. Actually, Vikas loved his job and he saw his relationship with Shilpa through a physical angle only. But Shilpa was emotionally attached to him. The contrast in their thinking led to their break up.”

said Gehna.