Entertainment Television Shilpa Shinde on Fire! Blasts Hina Khan For Calling Her Call Girl!

Shilpa Shinde on Fire! Blasts Hina Khan For Calling Her Call Girl!

Hina Khan made controversy when she called Shilpa Shinde a call girl. Actually, a video of Hina and Vikas talking about Shilpa Shinde went viral on social media a few time back when the show was on-air. In this video, Arshi can be seen cooking in the kitchen and Hina and Vikas are having food (obviously because Hina and Vikas can’t ask Shilpa to cook for them). So Hina says,

“It was so unnecessary. I was like k yaar ye pagal-vagal hai kya, ye kya kar rahi hai. mene bola na voh baat aise karti hai jaise ‘Call Girl’ hai.”

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The word ‘Call girl’ was muted in the video. The video was then uploaded to Twitter but later removed. After this video, the Twitterati fumed in anger. Later, a source revealed it was the word Chawl Girl instead of Call Girl.

When Shilpa Shinde got to know that, she said

“I don’t know much about that, but she is more aggressive than a chawl girl. And she was also the Mohalle ki aunty.”

When the reporter asked, how?

She replied,

Arre, talking all gossip. Like I remember once she started talking that Puneesh ka bachcha bhi hai. So what agar Puneesh ka bachcha hai? Then once she said ‘Do you guys now that Arshi is married to some 50-year old man? Pray, how does all that matter?




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