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Bigg Boss 11: Winner Shilpa Shinde Reveals She Never Wants to See This Co-Contestant Again in Her Life!

Bigg Boss 11 is over and gets its winner – Shilpa Shinde. Hina Khan came out as the runner-up whereas Vikas Gupta was announced as the second runner-up.

Shilpa Shinde with 'BB 11'trophy (Photo: Colors)Shilpa Shinde is very happy with her win and thinks it all happens because of her fans. Speaking about if she was confident about winning the show, she said,

I was confident that I will win because despite listening to my deaf-tone voice on TV if fans voted for me in huge numbers, I kind of had faith (in them). Also along with that my journey inside the house was difficult, I thought that my fans will support me and they did. So, this trophy is for them.

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Hina & Shilpa in 'BB 11' (Photo: Colors)On asking to share some views about her co-contestant Hina Khan, Shilpa replied,

While Hina Khan knew everything in the kitchen, I had no clue. However, I did all the work but she never bothered. I had never cooked for 18-19 people earlier.

On being asked further about the co-contestants whom she doesn’t want to meet after the show. Shilpa told,

“I would not want to meet Hina ever again in her life.”

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