Entertainment Television Shilpa Shinde To Get Married To Vikas Gupta? Here's How She Reacted

Shilpa Shinde To Get Married To Vikas Gupta? Here’s How She Reacted

Bigg Boss 11 is over but the buzz is still up in the sky. According to the latest so-called controversy, fans of both the celebrities want them to get married. Yes, you read it right! Actually, their relationship was started with a bitter one and then changed into a healthy friendship.

Shilpa Shinde To Get Married To Vikas Gupta

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Recently, Shilpa said: “Vikas has been a good player and his journey on the show was interesting. I think I was also instrumental in making it interesting, though I don’t know if he will give me the credit. After locking horns with Vikas in the beginning, there came a time when I handled the matter maturely and took a backseat.”

“However, people viewed that too with suspicion, wondering how I could become friends with him in just two days. What people didn’t notice was that Vikas was trying to be nice to me since day one, but I didn’t reciprocate.”

Shilpa Shinde To Get Married To Vikas Gupta

“Everything is fine between us. During a task, he promised to cast me on a show. Since I have committed, I will work with him, but I don’t want to take up a daily soap and be bound by a character. I hope I get good work in Bollywood. I had signed a film, but they were waiting for Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s dates. I entered the house during that time.”

Shilpa Shinde speaking about fans wanting the two to get married

On this issue, Shilpa added:

“It’s a joke. Mere itne bure din aaye hain kya?”

On the other hand, fans are so obsessed that they have started addressing Shilpa and Vikas as ShiKas like Virushka.

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