India Left Her House at 15 And Became a Special Member of Infamous...

Left Her House at 15 And Became a Special Member of Infamous Rape Squad, Meet Shilpi Gupta Who Used to Supply Minor Girls to Asaram

A special court in Jodhpur sentenced rape convict Asaram Bapu to life imprisonment in the 2013 rape case. The other two convicts have been sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment. One of them, a woman named Shilpi, was the one who had sent the 16-year-old to Asaram’s ashram where she was raped.

Shilpi Gupta’s family was a strong believer of Asaram. That’s for pursuing higher secondary studies they sent their daughter to Chindwara Gurukal after 8th class. She gradually started cutting all her contacts with her family members while staying in the Gurukul.


Shilpi (aka Sanchita and Shilpi Gupta) was a warden at Asaram’s hostel in Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh, where the 16-year-old was an inmate. According to the police, it was Shilpi who ‘diagnosed’ the minor of being possessed by evil spirits and convinced her family to sent her to Asaram to be ‘cured’.

The police officials said that they have had call records of Shilpi and hostel director (now fellow convict) Sharatchand. These proved that the 16-year-old reached the ashram where Asaram was staying, making Shilpi a key conspirator in the case. The minor victim had revealed that it was Shilpi who used to brainwash young girls and sent them to Asaram.


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