Shine Bright Like A Diamond: This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets That Super Dazzling Hair


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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to us as she is a super internet sensation. She is not only the Contouring Queen but also her beauty and hair secrets are super duper classy. Have you ever wondered how is she able to maintain such Mega-Watt Hair Shine? Wanna know how!!! We definitely have the answer to this question. Take a deep breath because you are about the enter the Deep Beauty Zone.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets That Super Dazzling Hair

Following these 7 steps is how Kim Kardashian is actually able to maintain that super dazzling hair!!!


Hair Masks are all about the moisture and are infused with plenty of ingredients that are responsible for hydrating hair. The more you mask your hair, the shinier the hair!!!  Masks basically help you get back the moisture lost due to exposure to heat and dust.


This is a very well known fact that heat styling does too much damage to our hair. Heat Styling dries out the hair taking away all the moisture and shine from the hair.


Shine Bright Like A Diamond: This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets That Super Dazzling Hair

To our surprise, our favorite fabrics like cotton and polyester absorb moisture and produce too much of friction. Whereas Silk helps your hair retain that shine and the best part is that it doesn’t let your hair go frizzy.


As hair loss is directly linked to the pH level of the hair, Essential Oils help maintain this pH level. Due to exposure to heat and dust, our hair turns dry and there is an imbalance in the pH level of the hair. So, this is where oil plays a great role.


Instead of using traditional towels for drying your wet hair, use old Tshirts. This way you do not disturb the gentle cuticle layers of the hair, hence protecting them.


hair supplements are filled with ample amounts of B-complex vitamins such as biotin, cobalamin, and niacin which help restore the natural shine of the hair.


People love to dye their hair with the most in-clour but don’t take care of specific details like whether their colorist is using Olaplex along with the lifting agent or not? Olaplex repairs the hair structure on a molecular level and you can even put it overnight.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond: This Is How Kim Kardashian Gets That Super Dazzling Hair

image source: Marie Claire

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