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Infotainment Shit ! There Is A Scary Doll Sitting Right Next You -...

Shit ! There Is A Scary Doll Sitting Right Next You – Woman Live Tweets About Her Creepy Flight Experience Ever

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Sara Novic who is the  author of the books Girl at war and Teacher had the creepiest flight experience ever. She live tweeted the entire journey whatever she went through, yikes !  She tweeted that the man was going to Cincinnati to see the giant Noah’s ark replica and the creation museum. She tweeted that she was happy until she saw the man scary and weird doll sitting next to her.

The writer – Sara Novic


The doll was the passenger property. Enough creepy right ? but wait there is more mystery to this the man even bought his doll a ticket with the name Barbara, the flight attendants were having a hard time figuring out who Barabara was but when they found out they were also confused.


Later, Novic tweeted more about this man, she tweeted that “Some updates. The man is also traveling with an entire bunch of bananas as a snack.” Everyone on the flight was scared of the man doll “Barbara”, they all asked Novic to post the picture of this doll on twitter and she willfully did it.

Here are the tweets by Sara  Novic –

We travel in the hope to enjoy the entire journey but this doll made Sara Novic entire journey scary and unforgettable.

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