Raveena Tandon Called Female Celebs ‘Soft Targets’ In Drug Case

After the A-list Bollywood celebs were exposed in the drug case. Actress Raveena Tandon Calling them ‘soft targets’ said "No Drug Supplying...
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Shocking Answers Of People When Asked About The Biggest Secrets Of Their Life

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The term secret means something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Secrets can be really dark and awkward and so are the answers of people when asked about their biggest secrets of life.

What is that one secret that you can never share with anyone?

As to our surprise we really got many people revealing their deep secrets.

  • I’m a 20-something Indian woman. As a child, my parents had employed this domestic help to look after me while they would be out working. I have to admit, what she did to me might have been cruel or terribly damaging. Thankfully, it did not have a lasting impact on my life. She introduced me to the addictive world of sex when I wasn’t even 13. She would get me to lie down on the floor and ‘fondle’ me inappropriately. Even though I neither understood the act, nor the fact that everything that I was being subjected to was downright criminal, I did find it relieving and relaxing. It became addictive and she left me craving for more, each time. I had a best friend who would come to my house to play with me. This sociopath of a domestic help managed to talk us into doing it. She influenced two impressionable adolescents to engage in a sexual activity and used to sit there watching us go at it.

To everyone reading this answer, Child Sexual Abuse is a thing. A child cannot consent to any form of sexual activity, period. When a perpetrator engages with a child this way, they are committing a crime that can have lasting effects on the victim for years.

  • I have an Undescended testicle. It has destroyed my life. My life is a curse for me. I have suicidal tendency.I have tried to commit suicide numerous times. My parents ignored my medical condition.This issue can be best dealt before the child is 1 years old. Later the surgery don’t work. I was operated at 12 years old and obviously it failed. The undesended testicle is very high in scrotum, due to this its I suffer from acute pain. Tight fitted pants and inner are nuisance to me ,low waist is out of question as they press my high positioned ball. My groin looks terrible. Now I am 26 years old still struggling with my life or say suicidal tendency. P.S I have met some urologist and surgeons.Some say they can try to bring it down but size cannot be restored. For my penile size ,I don’t think there is a method to increase it. Almost all of them is bogus or has too much complications.

Woman looking into man's underwear

This guy even shared the ultrasound report of his scrotum, but you don’t need to see it.

  • I lost my virginity to my TA in university during office hours while other students were lining up to see him in the hallway. I consistently went to my TA’s office hours and talked to him after lectures to get the most out of his knowledge. I went to his office hours to see him again. At this point, I had already finished the paper but I wanted him to just scan my introductory paragraph again. That part took about 5 minutes, we talked about politics in general after that. For whatever reason, there was a sudden compulsion to… well…it doesn’t really matter who kissed who first now. Before long, I was sitting on his lap with him pumping his gun into me. (Not gonna lie: It felt so wrong but felt so good). It was also extremely weird because we were still talking about politics amid all the moaning. We could hear other students starting to line up in the hallway to see him. Don’t think he cared at all but kept on going with me. (Not gonna lie: It was kinda exciting trying to stay quiet.

Banging up the professor huh ! Might have helped her to increase her grades for the least.

  • I’m a 25-year old man who’s been dating a woman for 5 years now. I love her and enjoy having sex with her. However, since I was a child, I’ve watched male gay porn on the Internet. I don’t consider myself gay because I don’t want to get involved emotionally or sexually with men in real life. However, I love watching videos with men having sex with each other and I masturbate on cam with male strangers. Also, men attract me on the streets. I like to watch them and observe their bodies.


OOOOO I see… But why the hell is he dating a girl otherwise..  🙄

  • I was 7 years old. I had good time playing with other kids near my home. We had a good time playing it. she(X) was 17 or 18 year old I guess. It so happened one day that I din’t go to school and eventually X’s parent were not there. That day she insisted on playing some other game. I trusted her a lot.  She later stripped(naked) and started making different animal’s sound to surprise me, I was in a dilemma what kind of game is it. She said its a secret game and not to tell anyone about it. she made me do all sexual instincts, and I was fooled enough to believe it was just a game nothing bad. This was not the worst part happened but out of foolishness and utter ignorance I rather tried the game on other girls of my age that time.

Image Credit : alamy.stock photo

Thanks to lord I never had any such kinky, underage, evil girl on my neighbourhood.

  • I faked my way into a top 10 LAC in the US. As an international student whose high school teachers weren’t very deft with the English language, I wrote my own recommendations, made up my own transcript and forged theirs as well as my principal’s signature. I blatantly lied about my achievements just so I could get in and not end up languishing in my home country’s educational system. I get a significant amount of need based financial aid so I suppose I am stealing money that could’ve gone to someone more worthy of admission. I don’t feel guilty, but I really hate college. Karma, I guess.

The dude over watched Catch Me If You Can…

  • That at 17 I’ve slept with dozens of men and been a masturbation addict since 12. I just randomly picked up men from dating sites and pubs. I even charged them for once or twice, for some expedient money. When I don’t have casual sex, I masturbate.  A lot. Sometimes for the whole afternoon or evening. Sometime the whole day. It is like drugs(though I haven’t tried that yet). It calmed me down a little bit. I’m always too edgy. Once I even masturbated the evening before SAT test.

  • When I was a boy of 11, my neighbour invited me over and masturbated on  me very often. I really didn’t know why he was undressing me. He lured me by offering chocolates and play some games on his laptop. He would make me sit on his lap, he would often be wearing boxers then, so I could feel the thing below me but I was too young to realise that.He tried enticing me with porn but I hadn’t hit puberty yet, it looked disgusting to me. The videos he showed me were of women with swelling breasts and clean shaved vaginas and ask me if I would want to touch them, I always denied, It seemed so sickening back then.He would just laugh at my innocent ignorance.  He even tried arousing me with pictures and homosexual pornographic content involving naked men feeling themselves in solo and/or group. It all failed, I was too young then. I had seen porn, I had seen nudity, I had seen what comes out much of penises before most boys would, all thanks to this man who lived just a floor above mine.

  • I have got a pretty expensive drug issue. I never do them when I plan to get pregnant or when I was pregnant or breastfeeding but the other 8 or so years I did them. Nobody knows and nobody has ever confronted me or asked…. I will take it to church and do it in the bathroom before I go teach children about Jesus.

Hahahaha…I would love to see a lady high on drugs preaching… I know its not at all good but really..

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