Jails and prisons are for our security, yes many jails do have some corrupt people but not that corrupt that they will drop the axe on their feet only. Here’s what happens when engineers are also kept as prisoners in jails and then they meet some corrupt officers:

1. Shotgun

One of the most brutal weapons which a prisoner made in a jail is a shotgun. Yes, a prisoner in Germany was really successful in creating a real shotgun just from a lightbulb, bedpost, tape, matches and a battery.

Prison Shotgun

2. Toilet paper shank

A weapon as deadly as this was really created just in 4 hours only with the use of toilet paper in the city of Michigan.

prison toilet paper shank

3. Pistol

The classic most brutal weapon, pistols, have been also made in jails by prisoners at Germany’s Celle prison’s own workshop.

prison made pistol

4. Radio transmitter

Although, not a brutal weapon but making a radio transmitter is really a big and important thing right? Then how did a prisoner in Germany was able to make it easily just with the help of scrap?

radio made inside a jail

5. Knuckleduster

This weapon surely reminds us the so much loved gangster games of our childhood but when made in prison, it can also be very deadly and not a force for anyone to reckon with.


6. Whip

How does it feel when skin is hit by a whip? well, many victims will be able to give this answer except the ones who were most probably hit by this razor whip in the Hamburg prison of Germany.

prison made whip

7. Sub-Machine Gun

Yes, a weapon as deadly as a sub-machine gun was also made inside a jail only with the help of tape, a grease injector, wood, and rubber in the Wolfenbüttel Prison of Germany.prison made sub-machine gun

8. Tattoo Gun

Tattoos are not only the symbol of style but are also considered very important in some cultures. Gangsters and criminals have always used tattoos as the mark of their victory and crime, and for which, you’d be surprised to know that a prisoner also made a tattoo gun with crap when he was captured in a jail.

prison made tattoo gun

9. Crossbow

Crossbows are considered cool and each and every child just wants them so deadly because one of their television heroes also uses crossbows. In a world where people like a weapon so much, how was it possible for someone to not to try to make it inside a jail. Unfortunately, that person was able to make it successfully to only with the use of toothbrushes, a lighter, a wire hanger, a pen casing, metal tongs from the kitchen, rubber gloves, and Kleenex.

prison made crossbow

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