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Shocking Claims by Sreesanth’s Ex-girlfriend, Says He Was Cheating on His Wife

Shocking Claims by Sreesanth’s Ex-girlfriend, Says He Was Cheating on His Wife


Sreesanth’s annoying behaviour in the Bigg Boss 12 house is actually entertaining the audience. As we know, how he got evicted from the show but later in an interesting twist was put in a secret room by the Bigg Boss, the chances he will become more competitive now. While on the show, Sreesanth opened up on how his wife Bhuvaneshwari supported him during his bad time.

While chatting with the housemates, Sreesanth revealed he dated his wife Bhuvaneshwari for seven years before tying the knot with her. However, actress Nikesha Patel, who has claimed to be Sreesanth’s EX-girlfriend has expressed her displeasure over the controversial cricketer dismissing their relationship. Yes, the south Indian actress made some very shocking claims. 

The ‘Puli’ actress, in her recent interview with a leading entertainment portal, said that Sreesanth was in a live-in-relationship with her at the same time he claimed to be in love with Bhuvaneshwari. Nikesha hinted that Sreesanth was double-timing his wife before their wedding. Nikesha told,

“I’ve not met Sreesanth after the break-up, but I have been watching him on Bigg Boss. Sreesanth claimed on national television that he was in love with Bhuvneshwari for seven years before he got married to her. This makes me wonder, why was he in a live-in relationship with me for over a year around that time.”

It was the same time when Sreesanth was still playing for the national cricket team. She further added,

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“In the past five years, I have quietly moved away from it all, after the break-up. But, I have not really been able to move-on from the relationship, as I have many unanswered questions. What was he doing with me if he claims he was in love with his wife all the time that we were in a  relationship? It makes me feel bad.’’

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