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Shocking Facts About The Bakchod Billi A.K.A The Famous Grumpy Cat Who We All Love

The Grumpy Cat A.K.A  The  Bakchod Billi

If you always stay updated with the internet then you must know who grumpy cat is sorry “Bakchod Billi” is ? As this particular cat is famous just because of her grumpy and usual expressions. This grumpy cat rose to fame in 2013 after it’s owner  posted a picture of that famous downturned face on the online community of Reddit. The photo was loved  up by everybody and someone made a meme of it. which then found itself on websites like 4chan, Imgur, and 9Gag. For those of you who don’t know, the posts of the Grumpy Cat meme usually  have a pessimistic or annoyed statement, to accompany the cat’s mean mug.


But later on, some Indian creatives decided it to rename as “Bakchod Billi’. Isn’t it funny ? Everything was same except this Billi was more critical.

Ye Bakchod Billi Ki Kahani Hai


The Real Name Of Bakchod Billi


The real name of Bakchod Billi is Tardar Sauce. Did you know this ? This name was given by one of its owners. This name was given because the cat owner loved the cat’s skin color when born. The Bakchod Billi is her !!. The Billi is really a Billi.

The Grumpy Cat Project


After receiving success Bakchod Billi had her own project which took place in Alabama in which different participants showcased their art by making sculptures, wooden art, glass pieces of the Bakchod Billi.

Bakchod Billi Has A Brother

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Our adored Bakchod Billi has a brother and his name is Pockey ! But he is not grumpy like her.Pokey also stars with her in Dynamite Comics’ series, “The Misadventures of Grumpy Cat and Pokey!”

There Is A Book On Bakchod Billi

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Yes ! It’s true there is a book on Bakchod Billi which was a best seller. It was titled Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book. It is a coffee-table read and contains a variety of material, like tips on being grumpy, along with fun games and activities to inspire the reader to be grumpy. She may not have authored it, but at least she inspired it !.

Hope you enjoyed by knowing some crazy facts about the Bakchod Billi A.K.A The Grumpy Cat. The cat is lucky as it is the most loved cat in the whole world. The owner of the Bakchod Billi was a struggling waitress before this discovery and now her net worth is a 100 million dollars. Sure this is a very lucky Grumpy Cat.

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