Did Steve Jobs really create the iPhone or he just fooled us? Well, no one can be sure about that now but Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, California, USA is the person who has accused Steve Jobs of not creating the iPhone.

According to her, The federal government is the one who created the iPhone rather than Apple.

steve jobs holding the iPhone

“Anybody here have a smartphone? Pelosi asked  at a Democratic National Convention Platform in Washington, D.C. After asking this question she raised an iPhone for everyone to see and continued, In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments in research.”

After shocking everyone with this much speech she continued to list the elements of the phone which the federal government of USA created.

nancy pelosi accusing Steve Jobs

The list goes on and on. If you want to learn more, look at the Association for the Advancement of Science in America, and they have the full list,” said Pelosi. “They say Steve Jobs did a good idea designing it and putting it together. Federal research invented it,” she continued.

Although no one noticed but Nancy Pelosi’s words were reminiscent of what the American President Barack Obama said in 2012 that no one has built their business with intelligence and hard work.

The late Apple CEO breathed his last breath after giving a new meaning to the word ‘Technology’, although, the words of Pelosi still haven’t proved but they can really create a big controversy in USA.

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