High Life Shocking Images Leaked Of Self-Proclaimed God Woman-'Radhe Maa'- A Fan Of Sunny...

Shocking Images Leaked Of Self-Proclaimed God Woman-‘Radhe Maa’- A Fan Of Sunny Leone, Booked For Obscenity!

India is such a nation where anybody engaged in all kinds of worldly pleasures can proclaim him/herself God. Much worse, we as  citizens, some educated even, willingly fall prey to such pretentious bullsh*t.

A Country known for its religious beliefs has such nuisances walking the streets shamelessly equalling themselves to ‘God’.                                                                    God’s in India be like..

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These pictures, showing ‘Radhe Maa ‘ dressed head-to-toe in pink, were recently posted by Rahul Mahajan on twitter captioned “Guess Who?”

The Godwoman who claims to have ‘God powers’ was apparently booked for obscenity and charged for inciting people for dowry under the Dowry Prohibition Act. Adding More to this, according to a Mumbai based lawyer Falguni Brahmbhatt, she also lets her followers hug and kiss her. Some of those followers even touch her ‘private parts’.

To make things yet more clear, we have a video from ABP News that shows her real colors.

She Also openly admitted that she is a fan of Sunny Leone and likes everything about her.

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