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Infotainment SHOCKING!! Is This How We People Should Obey Traffic Rules?

SHOCKING!! Is This How We People Should Obey Traffic Rules?

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Our constitution exists for our welfare and the rules and regulations which it has made are designed keeping in mind the full security of us citizens, but what is our respond to those regulations? Do we obey them? some people do and say yes but then why do we blame government and police for everything? Let’s talk about traffic rules only, if we are following the proper traffic rules then road accidents shouldn’t happen but this is what actually happening:


This incident happened at the VVIP road, Ranchi when the traffic police spotted two men riding an Activa without helmets and tried to stop them. This lady officer came forward and signalled them to stop but they didn’t even care and continued moving, unfortunately, the officer decided to use force and grabbed the bike when the men tried to drag her along with the active and made her fall.

Here she noticed these men riding the Activa without helmet

traffic rules

Tried To Stop Them

traffic rules

But this is what actually happened

traffic rules

And those men left her lying on the road

traffic rules

It is really sad to see that is this how we people follow traffic rules and then blame the government for everything. If you’re also a true citizen then please follow the proper rules and never let any such incident happen again in future so that we can call ourselves Indians bravely and proudly.

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