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News Shocking Post-mortem Reports Of Recent 300 Bats Death Case In India

Shocking Post-mortem Reports Of Recent 300 Bats Death Case In India

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During the havoc of coronavirus in the world, there was a report of the death of more than 300 bats in Gorakhpur, India. This scared the people as what can be the reason of their death in a massive amount. After the research and postmortem of those bats, the doctors have now revealed the real reason.

bats death in gorakhpur

The scorching heat was the cause of the death of over 300 bats in Gorakhpur. IVRI scientists concluded this after a post-mortem of three bats of the bodies on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the team arrived at IVRI with the bodies of three bats from Gorakhpur. The post-mortem was done in the evening here, but the reason could not be clear then. On Thursday, scientists conducted some more investigations, then the cause of death was clear.

bats death in gorakhpur

IVRI director Dr. RK Singh said that the facts revealed in the investigation are clear that bats have died due to heat. Actually, there are two reasons among the symptoms of death. One is the heat, the other is the current. Where bats have died, there are no electricity lines. So it is clear that bats have died due to heat.

bats death in gorakhpur

The IVRI director said that during this time rabies and corona were also investigated. Both investigations have come negative. That is, the suspicion that bats were being killed by corona or rabies has proved to be unbridled. There is no need to panic about it.

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