High Life Shocking Revelation By Melania Trump Regarding Her Sex Life With Donald Trump

Shocking Revelation By Melania Trump Regarding Her Sex Life With Donald Trump

Melania Trump was exposed in a resurfaced interview talking about her sex life with President Donald Trump to Howard Stern. The interview was recorded in 1999. Melania was talking to radio host Howard Stern about her sex life with Donald Trump. Trump went on the radio with his friend Stern while he was running for President back in 1999.

Trump and Melania
Source: ABC News

Melania got on the phone and spoke with Stern over the radio. The radio host asked Melania what she was wearing, to which she replied, “Not much.”

Then he asked Melania if she was “nude” and she answered, “Almost.” He crossed every barrier and asked Melania if she had sex with Donald every night.

trump with melania
Source: The Week

“Even More” she replied. Stern also asked Donald if he could have sex with his girlfriend on the radio to increase his ratings.

Trump replied, “Wouldn’t that be nice.”

Melania became a permanent resident of the United States in 2001 and an American citizen in 2006. She is the second foreign-born First Lady of the United States, following Louisa Adams in 1825. Melania met Donald Trump at a Fashion Week party in New York City y in September 1998. Donald and Melania were married in an Anglican service on January 22, 2005.

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