Shocking: Singer Neha Bhasin Shares Horrific Details Of Sexual Abuse


Neha Bhasin, is a singer who recently spoke about being sexually abused at the age of just 10. Read to know more about what she revealed.

The word sexual abuse in itself is quite devastating, so imagine about those females who have literally experienced all these incidents in their life. Not just a common woman, but also the Bollywood Heroines and singers have too faced these molestations. One such case we are sharing is about singer Neha Bhasin, who recently spoke about being sexually abused at the age of just 10 during her visit to Haridwar.

While having an interview with IANS, she told that at the age of 10 she faced sexual abuse, when she went to Haridwar which is considered as the most religious place in India. Neha said that my mother was standing a few feet away from me. Suddenly, a guy came and poked his finger inside my a**. Which left me completely in shock. Another incident that she disclosed was about the man who literally grabbed her breast with both his hands tightly in a hall. And this happened a few years later after she was first abused. However, she also revealed that at that time I was quite immature to understand all this and somewhere perhaps thought that it was my fault.

Another incident that happened to her was cyber-bullying when she started receiving death threats online from fans of a popular K-pop band. This happened after she kept her point of view and supported another singer. And just said that I am not a big fan of that particular band. Later it all ended up with the police complaints that I made after I witnessed all this she said.  

Let us tell you that owing to these kinds of situations a couple of weeks ago she came up with a song titled “Kehnde rehnde”, which highlights the issue of cyberbullying slut-shaming, sexism, and confining women to stereotypical standards of society.

Here’s the song:

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