High Life Diagnosed With Cancer at 60 But He Lived For 102 Years Without...

Diagnosed With Cancer at 60 But He Lived For 102 Years Without Any Treatment And Doctors Are Wondering How?

Cancer is a deadly disease and only the luckiest ones survived this disease and only then if it gets detected in its initial stage. But Stamatis Moraitis of USA, by including some changes in his lifestyle has proved this fact wrong.

In 1943, a Greek war veteran named Stamatis Moraitis came to the United States for treatment of a combat-mangled arm. He’d survived a gunshot wound, escaped to Turkey. He fell in love with Greek-American woman and married her. He had three lovely children. It was a perfect life-story until 1976.  That’s when Stamatis began experiencing shortness of breath upon exertion – for example when working or climbing stairs.

Ultimately, he consulted a doctor who diagnosed him with terminal lung cancer and gave him only months to live. He didn’t believe the doctor that he is dying so he consulted with 9 different doctors who asked him the same thing that he has nearly 9 months on Earth. They all asked him to undergo aggressive chemotherapy.

He still refused chemo. Instead, he decided to return to his birthplace Ikaria, Greece to spend last days of life with family and old friends. And it was his life’s best decision taken by him. He started working at the vineyards as did this with his father and grandfather when he was a child so he wanted to relive those days. Then some magic happened. Stamatis felt that he is gaining his old self again and noticed that his strength and stamina were returning. As if out of the blue, Stamatis suddenly had an idea to plant a garden even though he still believed he would never live to reap its bounty.

Gardening was very therapeutic and brought him into steady productive contact with the sun, fresh air, and the sea breeze. The garden project had become the new aim of his life. Each morning he woke up early eager to spend time in his new garden. In fact, he would spend most of the day gardening. His wife and mother would prepare his meals with fresh plants and herbs from the garden. Six months had come and gone and guess what damn he was still alive. As the years rolled by Stamatis’ health continued to improve. Damn! he survived for 102 years on the Earth and when he did die it wasn’t from cancer!

His doctors were astounded that how he survived for so many years. According to Stamatis fresh, healthy foods are the key to combating cancer plus the physical activities. Call it a fate or whatever but his never losing hope and efforts to live in any situation made him cross 100 years successfully.

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