Shocking Suicide Mystery Of Disha Salian’s Revealed By Police

Recently, the death news of young girl Disha Salian shocked everyone. According to media reports, Disha committed suicide by jumping from a 14-story building. Let me tell you that Disha had recently come to live with her fiancé at Malavani in Malad, Mumbai.

Now the some friends of Disha have something else to say about this whole matter. People close to Disha say that the reason behind this kind of suicide is not anyone else but her fiance.

According to reports, Disha and Rohan have been dating each other for six years. Disha was living with her parents during the lockdown. After the new rules, she moved to Malad with her fiance. Everything was not going well between Disha and his fiance Rohan. Rohan’s friendship with some TV actress did not liked by Disha. Many times there has been a fight between the two. Disha and Rohan were also about to get married. But the reason for this delay is also being told due to this skepticism going on between Rohan and Disha. According to the police report, the party was running at her house the night Disha jumped from her flat.

About 10 people were present that day at the party. During this, there was a fight happened between Disha and Rohan. After that Disha locked herself in the room. Suddenly, all the people heard a voice from the roof and looked down, the direction was lying in blood. After this, Disha was taken to Shatabdi Hospital in Borivali. Where she was declared dead. According to the police report, the door of Disha’s room was locked from inside. The police is currently investigating the matter thoroughly.

Statement of Disha’s parents

Disha’s parents have said in their statement that they were ready for Rohan and Disha’s marriage for her happiness. But Disha was not happy with this relationship. Due to the fight, their marriage has been postponed several times. It is also said in the report that she fell from her room window due to excessive drinking.

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