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High Life SHOCKING-Tollywood Shoots A Kiss Which Never Actually Happened

SHOCKING-Tollywood Shoots A Kiss Which Never Actually Happened

The youth of now has missed on a lot which their parents and grandparents have probably enjoyed. One such is the sort of movies which they saw.

Romance depicted now and romance depicted then – are amusing in their own way. Now where actors seem to have no problem sharing an intimate scene, back then the kisses were romantic in their own. Those meadows where the heroine dances with the hero, those small eye contacts, the hero shyly touches the actress and she turns away from him – blushing. Then the two flowers come closer, touch each other and then the scene fades away. Aha!! That was the epic romance of that time!!


Now the script writers feel that no scene has the right to be called as romantic and intimate without a kiss. But this is India – “The Land Of Sanskars”. Many actors and actresses find it tough sharing a kiss on screen. Our ever so innovative and talented KOLLYWOOD comes up with a very interesting solution!!


The process goes the same – the actress is asked to deliver the scene with full passion and compassion. She has to make herself overcome with that feel of love for her hero, that spark of love for her lover should be reflected in her eyes and then she is asked to deliver that kiss. Everything same till now? Where is the difference? Difference is that whom she kissed was not her co-star but an inanimate object!! Yes, she is asked to kiss maybe a sheet of glass or a rubber ball – as the director feels appropriate. When done with the actress, same process is repeated for the actor- he kisses an inanimate object and hence the role of the actor comes to an end. Now comes into action, all sorts of videography and photography techniques to sew the scenes into a spellbinding and sensuous lip-lock.

Still unclear how it works? Have a look at the video below

Censor Board – get to work, with many more kissing scenes coming after this new technique gets unleashed !!

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