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Infotainment Shocking Video : People Ignored Dying Man On Delhi Road And One...

Shocking Video : People Ignored Dying Man On Delhi Road And One Picks His Phone And Walks Away

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How insensitive humans have become can be aptly seen in this video where a man is ignored to death lying on Delhi road in broad daylight.

Many pass by, but do not care to stop by and check on the person who is lying on the road bleeding. Adding to the inhumane behaviour, a man stops by, pick up his cell phone and simply walk away.

Matibool, an e-rickshaw driver, died on the road in west Delhi’s Subhash Nagar before a team of policemen took him to a hospital just half a km away. His life could have been saved as help was just half a kilometer near but the people around were too busy and careless to help anyone who is dying.

Images from a CCTV installed at a shop chronicle the staggering lack of compassion often ascribed to the capital city.

On Wednesday morning, 40-year-old Matibool lay bleeding for over an hour on a road in Delhi after being hit by a tempo. No one tried to help him; the one man who stopped is seen on CCTV footage, picking up his mobile phone and walking off.

Matibool, a father of two who worked two jobs, was on his way home around 5.30 am after an overnight shift when the three-wheeler, speeding on the deserted road, rammed him. He hit a pole and collapsed, bleeding.

The driver is seen on camera approaching him but turning away quickly, looking up and down the road, checking his phone and then driving off after assessing that his victim is alive.

In the moments afterwards, that stretched to an excruciating 90 minutes, several people are seen walking past the dying man on the road.┬áThen a man stops a rickshaw and walks towards the prone figure. Finally, some help – it appears in the video. Until this man picks up Matibool’s mobile phone and walks away proving that benefiting from a dying man is better than providing him help.

delhi accident man ignored to death in road
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A team of policemen arrived around 7 am and took him to hospital. Matibool had already died of excessive bleeding, doctors confirmed.

Matibool who drove an e-rickshaw and worked as a security guard at night is a father of two sons and a daughter.

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