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SHOCKING! Women Dies in Cake Eating Competition After Filling Cake In Her Mouth

Shubham Banyal



Women Dies in Cake Eating Competition After Filling Cake In Her Mouth

A 60-year-old woman died in the affair to win the sweets eating competition in Queensland, Australia. The lady filled several cakes in her mouth at the Beach House Hotel in Harvey Bay to win the competition. This made her difficult to breathe. Also, People around tried hard to save her, but they could not save her even when taken to hospital.

According to eyewitnesses at the hotel, when the woman tried to eat a lot of cakes together, her breath stopped. As soon as the woman fell on the floor, people tried to make her conscious by giving CPR. But they failed. After this, they sent the woman to the hospital by ambulance.

Eating Competitions Are Famous on Australia Day

After the incident, the Beach House Hotel posted a message on Facebook and expressed condolences to the woman’s family. CNN Confirms death. Competitions of overeating are popular in Australia. Several hotels organize these competitions on Australia Day. This day is remembered as the first European people to arrive in Australia. In such competition, the contestants win the prize by eating more and more cakes, pies, hot dogs or other things.

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