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News Shockingly a 32 Years Old Woman Dies After Having Continuous 5 Hours...

Shockingly a 32 Years Old Woman Dies After Having Continuous 5 Hours S*x

In a very surprising incident, a 32 years old Colombian woman who also nicknamed as ‘The Beast’ lost her life. The reason behind her death that came to light is now shocking people. She died of sex. Yes, you read it right! She died after having sex with her male partner for continuous 5 hours.

The reason behind her death is she went into cardiac arrest while engaged in the long-lasting sexual intercourse session with her partner. Her partner told the media that, she said to him that she is not feeling well as she felt dizzy before losing consciousness. They were having this intimate session in a room of some hotel room.

After she got fainted, he immediately took her to the hospital where she declared dead by the doctors. The police registered the case and in their initial investigation they found that woman had taken drugs to prolong sex with her partner.

According to the reports, the couple had been having sex for five hours non-stop. An investigation into the woman’s death has been launched to determine if the woman was a habitual drug user and if the substance had an influence on her death.

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