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After Anushka And Sonam, Its Shraddha Kapoor in a Row to Get Married? Father Shakti Kapoor Made Surprising Revelations!

In the Bollywood films, Shakti Kapoor is known for his negative roles. He mostly does roles of a rapist in the 80s and 90s movies. After doing villain-centric roles he then stepped into the comedy and won hearts there too. His daughter Shraddha Kapoor is also known as one of the finest actresses of today.

Recently Shakti Kapoor made some surprising revelations about her daughter’s marriage. He said Shraddha really loves her job of acting and she is really hard working. She will choose her life partner by herself or by her own choice. There is no family pressure on her. He exactly said,

“Every father wants his daughter to get married in a good and respected family. I wish that she grows in her personal and professional life, but I think as a parent, you have to give some kind of liberty to your children because now that period is gone when parents used to marry their children (to a person) of their choice.”

“Now, we have to ask them about their choices in terms of everything, including their life partners. She is right now very busy in her career, but whenever she will tell us about her marriage plans, she will marry a man of her own choice and we don’t have any objection with that.”

He said that right now she is focussing on her work but as soon as she will find her partner she will tie the knot with him. Last year Shraddha Kapoor’s rumored affair with Farhan Akhtar made headlines in the B’Town. Actually, Shraddha was spotted at Farhan Akhtar’s residence along with Arjun Rampal and his wife Meher Jessia when their film Rock On 2 got released. According to the reports, she was planning to move in with his rumored boyfriend Farhan Akhtar. However, when Shakti Kapoor got to know that he went to the place and dragged her daughter out angrily as he was against their relationship.

She is still in a relationship with Farhan Akhtar or not is still a mystery. Farhan Akhtar divorced her wife Adhuna in 2017. Farhan is 13 years older than Shraddha and is a father of two daughters.


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