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Entertainment Shriya Pilgaonkar Discuss Being One Man Army For Shooting Her Web Series...

Shriya Pilgaonkar Discuss Being One Man Army For Shooting Her Web Series ‘The Gone Game’ From Home

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We all know that lockdown is a better time to pick up new skills. Now, actress Shriya Pilgaonkar shared her experience that how she tried her hand at self-shooting in the past few weeks. Pilgaonkar discusses how her living room turned into a set and how she filmed the series The Gone Days from her home, according to Mid-Day report.

Did you enjoy the new process of shooting?
Being an actor, it was challenging to be a one-man-army. From doing your hair and make-up to filming yourself, the entire process makes you appreciate and be grateful for [every person who contributes] to making a show. It is more difficult than it seems, especially maintaining the aesthetics without compromising on the quality. Luckily, the story lends itself to being shot at home.

Can you break down the process of shooting from home for the show?
Our director Nikhil Bhat and DoP Piyush [Puty] did a trial run by putting together a few scenes, and showing it to us over Zoom calls. [After understanding what they exactly wanted] we were confident of pulling it off. We did several workshops where we were trained to shoot. Some had their own cameras, others were sent DSLRs. The production house sent us external lights. The entire process was time-consuming. Fortunately, since the story is set during the pandemic, we didn’t need dramatic costumes or excess make-up. The only concern was wi-fi.

Did someone help you with the filming?
Since I am spending the lockdown with my family, I had help. Initially, my father helped me navigate the process. Then, a friend living in my building would drop by to film me. Towards the end, my DoP came home to shoot. The funniest bit was to get my dog to cooperate through the process. He willingly agreed to be my spot boy and never left my side [laughs]. Managing him was a task.

You have several projects, including Haathi Mere Saathi and Crackdown, in the pipeline.
While my character died in the first season of Mirzapur, people still ask me about the next season [laughs]. As for Haathi Mere Saathi, I don’t know when it will release, but the makers are eyeing a theatrical release, for now.

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