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Entertainment Did You Know Actress Whose Dead Body Was Found In Just Innerwear...

Did You Know Actress Whose Dead Body Was Found In Just Innerwear in Mysterious Conditions Was Shweta Tiwari’s Sister?

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In December 2017, a news shocked everyone when one more struggling actress and famous anchor’s dead body was found. It was Arpita Tiwari, an anchor and startup founder. Her semi-nude dead was found dangling from the duct area on the second floor of a high-rise building in suburban Malad. She was just 25 years old.

Firstly it was said that she committed suicide. But after some investigations, it got revealed that she was murdered. But did you know she was the sibling of a famous actress of TV screens, Shweta Tiwari?

Shweta revealed many shocking things about her sister. Shweta Tiwari shared that Arpita was in a relationship with Pankaj for more than six years. She came to know about this from her friends that she wanted to marry him but he never agreed to the same.

Shweta also told that no one in their family liked Arpita’s boyfriend. She said,

”He was jobless. And, I had even seen him hitting Arpita. Who would want his/her sister to get married to such a guy? He was so aggressive. He used to drink and lose his senses.”

It’s been almost 5 months since Arpita’s death and the investigations are still on the rounds. The culprit is still free! Till now, no any reports have come forth to justify her untimely and mysterious death at the Malad building.

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