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Infotainment These Siblings Are Suffering From The Same 'Paa' Movie Disease 'Progeria'

These Siblings Are Suffering From The Same ‘Paa’ Movie Disease ‘Progeria’

Where There’s A Will there’s a way

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Remember the Bachchan father-son movie ‘Paa’? The movie had a kid named Auro, he was suffering from a disease that made him look old, the name of that disease is Progeria. This disease not only makes a child age rapidly from physical and mental aspects but also drains his life expectancy, just like the case of late Nihal Batla.

Nihal Bitla suffered from Progeria

But now what’s the problem? a pair of siblings from Ranchi are also suffering from the same problem, Anjali Kumari and Keshav Kumar, both are the victims of Progeria along with another disease known as Cutis Laxa.

Their condition impairs them from the other children of their age. Their hands have wrinkled just like an elderly and their face often remains swollen. The condition has also affected their vision negatively and joint pain is the thing which unable to play them like other children.

If this physical and mental pain isn’t enough for them then they also have the social pain to deal with. At school, children also call Anjali by some really humiliating names like Daadi amma, budhiya , bandariya, or Hanuman.

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Anjali and Keshav’s elder sister, Shilpi, 11 isn’t the victim of same disease, therefore, it always puts their family in deep thoughts that then why only Anjali and Keshav have to suffer through this.

Doctors have said that their treatment can be only done abroad and will up to 8 lakh rupees, which is the amount their family can’t afford.

Therefore, to rise and shine and come above this disease, this pair of siblings only need the love and blessings of people and a little contribution to make a miracle happen in their lives.

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