The Women of India are getting bold and are not anymore shy about their sexual relationships. The I- Pill which is a popular contraceptive pill or the morning after pill is to be used by women in case of unprotected sex, condom bursting or leaking, forgetting contraceptive pills, unplanned sex, or in the case of forced sex. There are a lot of options in the market today expect the i- pill of which we are unaware of. For example; Unwanted 72, Preventol, Truston 2, Nexttime pill, Clr -72, Tpill – 72, and No – will pill. We bet you were not aware of these contraceptive pills. As useful, they are in the time of need they have side effects also. We are going to discuss the side effects of the I – Pill which is becoming popular among youth today, Yes it is a shocking fact but it is a fact. As anyone can purchase it from a local chemist store.


The I – pill is not an abortion pill. It can stop pregnancy but cannot terminate it.  So, it is of no use if  a  woman is  already pregnant . According to Dr. Asha Sharma, a gynecologist  at Rockland hospital , ”  Women do not have any idea about the difference between the i – pill and the abortion pill and take them all wrong ”.  It is made for an emergency purpose it cannot be used as a regular contraceptive method and is quite unhealthy.



As promising  as it  sounds to  stop unwanted pregnancy but it  can disturb your menstrual cycle . You can get your period either earlier or later which can cause stress and tension in your head and you may feel guilty.

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Birth controlling pills can cause pain in breast you may feel sudden pain while doing work. And it can also cause breast enlargement or tenderness. It usually stops after a while but if you feel a lump in the breast you should definitely seek medical help. You can reduce the pain and tenderness by reducing your salt and caffeine intake.  Wearing  the support’s bra can also reduce the tenderness.

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Every birth controlling pill  have it’s own chemicals and doses of hormones and it can result in different types of headaches. Some studies have suggested that headaches are usually a common symptom of these pills.



Nausea is a mild  side effect of contraceptive pills but every woman is different and so are their ways of handling problems.  You can experience nausea after taking a pill but it can become a big issue after some days of taking the pill. By taking these pills with milk or late night along food you can lower the chances of nausea.

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Yes, you can gain weight consuming these pills approximately 2 kg. The estrogen present in these pills might be the reason behind the weight gain and there is no remedy for it. Hence, if you can exercise on regular basis.



Even if you take a pill on proper time there is still a chance that you can miss your periods. There are many reasons behind it, it can be stress ( being the main reason ), illness, travel, and hormonal or thyroid abnormalities. If you miss your periods more than once you should visit your doctor.

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This is a serious health issue that you can face because of regular intakes of these pills. Blood clots will exhibit different symptoms depending on the part of the body they are formed. If you feel sudden chest pain or shortness of breath, leg tenderness, numbness in any part of your body, partial or complete loss of vision or swelling , then you have blood clots forming in your body and should seek medical advice immediately.