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Are You Sure Tea And Coffee Are Good For Your Health? Then Read These Side-Effects

Tea or Coffee, our best morning partners without which a human body just can’t work. Does your morning also start with one of them? then you  also might be under the impression that tea and coffee are both good for your health, but in reality, they have the same number of side effects as their benefits. Some of those side effects are:

Side Effects Of Tea

Side effects of tea and coffee which no one knew

  • Reduces the action of vitamin B1 which is a thiamine and helps in the development of skin and hair.
  • Reduces the absorption of iron in a body especially from cereals.
  • Though tea tannins are considered good for skin but they also affect the heart of a person in a seriously negative way.
  • Tea acts a diuretic which causes frequent urination.

Side Effects Of Coffee

Side effects of tea and coffee which no one knew

  • Affects stomach secretions and imbalances the acid levels.
  • Just like tea, coffee also blocks the action of vitamin B1.
  • Coffee is also known as the cause of teratomas which is the presence of tumors in the unborn fetus.
  • Affects water and electrolyte balance of a body.
  • Adversely affects the blood glucose level and his harmful for diabetic patients.

To reduce the action of these effects one can reduce the consumption of tea and coffee and drink more milk.

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