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Only a Few People Know That This Famous Actor is The Son of Bollywood Actress Jaya Pradha

The famous actress of 70s and 80s, Jaya Pradha has won hearts with her simplicity and beauty. She was known to give the most realistic crying scenes. Apart from Bollywood films, she has done many South Indian films also. Now she is a political leader. She is a member of political part Telugu Desham party for 14 years now. She is 56 years old and is married to Srikant Nahata.

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It was Srikant’s second marriage to Jaya. He married Jaya without giving divorce to his first wife. He was already the father of 3 children also. Jaya doesn’t have her own child from Srikant. But she has adopted a son and she named him Sidharth and he is fonly called as Sidhu by people.

Sidhu is a popular star in the South Indian film industry. He debuted in the film industry in the year 2016. Hansika Motwani was his leading actress in the film.

Though Sidhu is not Jaya’s biological son he looks like her. he got married to Pravallika Reddy in 2015.

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